Creating a Titanic Inspired Mixed Media Tin

This project was created for Frog Dog Studio, using their kit products.

Good morning everyone!
Today I am sharing with you my first project for this month, a Titanic inspired mixed media art tin.

OK, so let me just start by saying that this kit has definitely been one of my favorites!! There was so much inspiration here–Tina really outdid herself! I started by covering the tin in alcohol inks. Then, I used the Dusty Attic rusting powder (which I’m going to tell you is AMAZING!!!) to go over certain areas of the tin to give it that really old, vintage look.

I added a couple of the vintage style sticker pieces from the Tim Holtz collection in the kit, then used equal parts of the Amazing Crafts clear resin and hardener to create the first layer of the piece. At this point I was thinking of the tin as a giant bezel. I also added some of the Alumilite Pearlescent Powder and swirled it around a bit with the tip of the mixing stick.

After allowing that layer to dry overnight, I continued on the next day. I covered one of the chipboard gears with gold Stickles and added that, as well as a key to the next layer. A “metal” frame from Tim Holtz was also added around the pic. I poured in another layer of the Amazing Crafting Products Clear resin and added some of the Alumilite metallic gold powder. I used another stick to create a swirl pattern, then allowed that to dry overnight.

This is how it looked when it was all dry:

For the final touch, I drilled holes in the top and bottom and added some teal wire and beads.

And here is the finished product. The layers created with the resin are really amazing. It was funny, because while I was creating this project I began to feel a story behind the piece. With the rusted metals and the vintage photo it seemed to have a Titanic sort of vibe. When I showed it to one of my teenage daugthers (when it was complete) the first thing she said was “it looks like something from the Titanic”. My thoughts exactly!! πŸ™‚


My Top 5 Tips for Starting an Art Journal

Good morning everyone! I typically enjoy sharing tutorials and pictures of my work here, but I wanted to mix it up a little bit by giving you my top five recommendations for starting an art journal. I think there are many people out there who would love to dip their toes into the mixed media waters but are afraid. They say to themselves “I can’t draw”, or “I don’t have the right supplies”, or “I don’t know where to start” etc.
Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 10.51.07 AM

The most important thing to remember about an art journal, especially when starting out is that it’s a place to experiment and play. A place to try new techniques, make mistakes, try new products. There’s no pressure for perfection here. I’ve created some of the most beautiful, as well as the most hideous pages in my art journals! πŸ™‚


There are so many choices out there now for art journals. You can purchase, or even make your own. Consider the type of art you think you might like to create. Also consider the size and paper type for a journal you think you would feel comfortable working in. I have used many different types of journals through the years: ones made of handmade paper (a little challenging), Strathmore mixed media books in varying sizes (my personal favorite right now!), watercolor paper books, books with paper made from heavy cardstock, and the Dylusions journals (also very good). These types of journals can be found in most local Hobby Lobby or Michaels stores now. Of course Amazon is also an option!


When starting out art journaling you don’t need to buy every single mixed media item you come across (although I won’t lie, there are WAY too many tempting goodies out there!). Some basic items you will use over and over again include:

  • gesso–this is a must have. You can erase virtually any mistake with a coat of gesso. It’s my best friend!
  • decoupage/Mod Podge/matte medium/gel medium/heavy duty glue stick—anything that you want to use as an adhesive
  • acrylic paints (I started out using the cheaper brands paints, gradually adding higher quality paints)
  • decent brushes-at least one flat brush is good, also some foam brushes–nothing too fancy)
  • stencils-these can be store bought or homemade
  • texture tools-again, these can be bought, but look around your house for things with interesting textures
  • stamps-background texture stamps, word stamps, letter stamps (I like the ones at Michaels that cost $1)–this is an area of supplies that can be built up over time.
  • Pens for drawing and doodling. I like the Faber Castell Pitt pens.


I am not ashamed to say that I am on online art class junkie. I like these types of classes because they are self paced. There are so many amazing artists out there that are willing to share ideas and techniques through online classes, YouTube videos, blog tutorials, and even live teaching events and retreats. Go online and Google mixed media art. Find examples of art that you like and find out who the artist is. Check out their blogs or You Tube video channels. Browse Pinterest for styles of art that you might be interested in recreating. For a long time I was so worried about finding “my style”. I don’t worry about that anymore. The more you learn, the more you find that you will start incorporating bits and pieces of many styles–and eventually YOUR style will emerge. Don’t be so quick to put yourself into a “style” box–experiment!

Wondering exactly what to fill your pages with? There are many art journaling groups on Facebook and elsewhere online that offer great art journal prompts. Check out magazines like Art Journaling by Stampington & Company, or other art journal blogs for even more ideas. Getting connected with like minded artists is a big benefit. Some people host art journal swaps, where everyone takes a turn working in someone else’s book. These may or may not have a specific theme. Speaking of which, themes are also a good way to fill your book. A while back I created an entire “Love” themed journal. Here are a few more ideas:

  • Create a “background” journal. Fill an entire book with nothing but layered backgrounds. You can always add to these pages later.
  • Create a journal based on a word. I just started a book for my OLW for this year, which was GROW.
  • Start a quote journal. Collecting quotes that inspire you into one journal can be very uplifting!
  • Create a color journal. Challenge yourself to use one palette or particular color through the entire book.
  • Start a “Study the Masters” book. This is actually one I want to do myself. I always thought it would be fun to make a list of artists whose work I admire and try our their styles in one book dedicated to only that.
  • Create a memory journal. Document the special moments of your life with a combination of photos of your family or from your travels, with paints, doodling, and written journaling.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and feel inspired to start an art journal of your own if you haven’t already. I’d love to see your work, so feel free to post a link to your gallery or blog in the comments below!

Making Time for Art Journal Play and Exciting News!!

Good morning everyone! Today I would like to share a few art journal pages that I’ve done recently. I’ve been part of an art journal swap hosted by Frog Dog Studio and let me tell you there are some seriously creative gals in this swap!! We all chose our OLW (One Little Word) as the theme for our individual journals then had fun swapping with everyone and interpreting THEIR OLW in our own unique ways.

This is the first page in my personal journal. My OLW for this year was “Grow”.

I was having so much fun, I decided to do up the very first page also since it was a single page and I had previously left it blank.

Here a page that I created using Dina Wakley’s Scribbly Birds stamps, as well acrylic ink and paints. Her OLW was “Reach”.

This page was created for the OLW “Dream”. I used Dina Wakley’s Face in the Crowd stamp for this one, along with vellum, acrylic paint, oil pastel, and watercolor crayons and pencils, as well as stamps.

When I got my journal back I created this spread just for fun πŸ™‚

If you enjoy my work, please feel free to share with the proper link to my blog! You can also follow me on Instagram for sneaky peeks of my art (sometimes I lag a bit behind with my blogging!). You can find me here


I received word the other day that two of my art journal pages have been chosen to be published in the upcoming book Art Journal Kickstarter by North Light Books!! Publication is slated for December 2014. You can check out the article here:

I hope you all enjoy your week! Thanks for your support! πŸ™‚