Here’s to 2015!!

Hi everyone! I’ve been a bit bad again neglecting my blog. With so much going on in the last few weeks it’s been hard to find some creative time. 2014 was pretty good to me. At the beginning of last year when I sat down and prepared my goals for the year, and meditated on my “one little word” for the year to tie in with my goals, I came up with the word GROW. And I did a lot of personal, as well as creative growing.
One of my goals for the year was to be published, a dream that I had for a while, but never had the courage to pursue. During the year, that dream was realized when I was contacted by North Light Books to have two art journal pages published in Art Journal Kickstarter. Soon after, I had a piece I submitted to Somerset Studios also picked up for publication.
I was also lucky to be a part of Frog Dog Studio mixed media kit club, as well as attend CHA for the first time!



All in all, a pretty great year creatively! Looking ahead to 2015 I will have an announcement to make later this month once all the details are finalized and I’m setting my biggest art goal yet–to have a series of pieces in a gallery. In thinking over this year, I’ve settled on FOCUS for my word. I have a bad habit on not focusing completely on one certain thing, I tend to bounce around a lot and get easily distracted. Knowing that, I’m giving myself permission to FULLY FOCUS on the task at hand (something I am constantly telling my daughter, who has the same problem LOL). I am hoping that in doing this I can put all my energy into my work and really make a breakthrough!

Wishing you all a creative, and joyful 2015!!!


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