Sharing my experience at Christy Tomlinson’s #SheMattersApril2015 art retreat

So…it’s been about two weeks since returning from Christy’s She Matters art retreat. This retreat has been on my bucket list for the last two years. I had such an great time meeting Christy and her family and taking a class with her. All of the other attendees were sweet, supportive, and so much fun! Her husband, Ben, is an amazing cook and Margie did these awesome tablescapes for every meal plus was just a riot to be around. And Jane Davenport….Jane was amazing y’all!! I spent two full days with her and learned so much. And now for pic sharing time!

This is the lovely outdoor area where we spent the first night getting to know each other:

Some scenes from inside and Margie’s gorgeous table settings:


Taking time to enjoy everyone’s work on Friday night after three full days of getting our art on:

Jane signed my copy of her book! (And this is seriously the best book I have ever bought on how to draw a face):

Me and the lovely Miss Jane:

And with the gal who started me on this whole mixed media journey, who is just as sweet in person as I knew she would be, Christy:


Having fun staying up late in the night creating with my sweet friend Lulu:

This was such a special time for me, and an experience that I will never forget: the food, the friends, the crazy kittens climbing up my legs, lunch at a local diner with fry sauce and chatting with Christy and Tia, my crazy art table buddies, Noah and his magic tricks, Santa’s Butt paint, Margie’s outspokenness, Ben and the cleaver, my awesome roommates, and did I mention the food….all moments that I will always treasure.

Next post I will share my work! Until then, hugs!! 😊


4 thoughts on “Sharing my experience at Christy Tomlinson’s #SheMattersApril2015 art retreat

  1. Oh my goodness! I’m so envious! Jane was the artist that broke me into mixed media and broke my bank because of the art supply addiction! Lol! It is so wonderful to hear that you dreamt of doing this two years ago and did it! Kudos! Christy’s retreat has been on my bucket list for the past two years and I hope to make that dream come true next year. I just love both of those girls. 😊 I can not wait to see the art you created. Thanks for sharing your experience. I get to attend my very first art retreat this year with Lucky Star Art Camp in Hunt, TX. I can not wait!


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