Starting From the Same Place Artist Collaboration


Hello everyone! It’s been a few minutes since I’ve blogged πŸ™‚ Today I am sharing with you another artist collaboration project that I recently completed. My good friend Tina Walker hosted this incredible challenge for over 60 artists from all over. The goal was to create a piece of art with everyone using the same materials.

After seeing all of the goodies provided by Amazing Casting Products, Beacon Adhesives, and Stencil Girl, I was inspired to create a mini book. 14481857_10209122052041092_834730878472343730_o

These are the materials that we were given to work with, with a few variations.

And this is my mini:










You can visit these other sites to see what the other artists have created. There are so many amazing projects, and I love to see how differently everyone used the same materials!


15 thoughts on “Starting From the Same Place Artist Collaboration

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  2. So absolutely gorgeous! I love the “discover yourself” theme. I believe you just may have done so in this amazing piece! Love love love it. The fibers along the edge are just too scrumptious! πŸ™‚


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