Dia De Los Muertos Artist Collaboration

Welcome! I was so excited to be a part of Tina Walker’s Dia De Los Muertos Artist Collaboration. For so long I have loved the bright colors and sense of history associated with Dia De Los Muertos.

“On October 31, All Hallows Eve, the children make a children’s altar to invite the angelitos (spirits of dead children) to come back for a visit. November 1 is All Saints Day, and the adult spirits will come to visit. November 2 is All Souls Day, when families go to the cemetery to decorate the graves and tombs of their relatives. The three-day fiesta is filled with marigolds, the flowers of the dead; muertos (the bread of the dead); sugar skulls; cardboard skeletons; tissue paper decorations; fruit and nuts; incense, and other traditional foods and decorations. ”— Frances Ann Day, Latina and Latino Voices in Literature

“People go to cemeteries to be with the souls of the departed and build private altars containing the favorite foods and beverages, as well as photos and memorabilia, of the departed. The intent is to encourage visits by the souls, so the souls will hear the prayers and the comments of the living directed to them. Celebrations can take a humorous tone, as celebrants remember funny events and anecdotes about the departed.” Source: Wikipedia

While out antiquing with my mom several months ago I found a gorgeous hand carved wooden shelf that reminded me of an altar. I bought it immediately, not knowing for sure what I would do with it. At the next store we went to, I found a metal frame that also spoke to me. An idea was beginning to take shape in my mind, and it all came together when Tina asked if anyone would be interested in a Day of the Dead artist collaboration. Of course I was in!

I painted the shelf and begin to alter it using paint, paint pens, gems, marigolds, and other things that inspired me.

I hand painted plastic skulls from the Dollar Tree-talk about tedious work, but well worth the effort and time spent!


Here are a few detail shots:


Since I was so inspired by this theme, I went on to alter the tin frame I found. I used alcohol inks and gems, as well as some other items I found while antiquing in Pennsylvania. I also wanted to put a slightly different spin on the theme by creating an insert that was more mixed media and a little “dark”. I thought this created a fun twist to the traditional Dia De Los Muertos theme.


I hope you enjoyed the projects. Thanks for checking them out!


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