#MakeThings–Playing Along with Punk Projects!

Just a really quick share today of an art journal spread I created for Katie Smith’s Make Things 8 Week Challenge.

Last week’s challenge was to create something using a photograph. Several months ago I bought some of Tim Holtz’s Found Relatives photograph cards. I collect actual vintage photos also, but these are fun because I don’t feel bad about using up all of my real ones 🙂 I created this spread in my newest altered book, which will be featured this Thursday on the Amazing Casting Products blog:

Looking forward–have you been wondering what to do with all of the artwork your kids are bringing home from school? Next week on the blog I will be sharing some fun ideas on what to do with their little masterpieces!

Have a great day!

Mixed Media Paint Stick Swap

Mixed Media
Good morning everyone! I recently participated in another fun art swap with some of my artsy Facebook friends. You may remember a few months ago our Pinewood Derby Car Makeover project, well our next collaboration was to makeover paint sticks. You know, the free paint sticks you can grab at the paint counter at Lowe’s or Home Depot? This was such a fun and easy project, and the possibilities are endless for what you can do with these.

I loved these so much that I shared them as an inspiration post over at Amazing Casting Products! I used several of the Alumidust colors to paint in the stamping that I did on the sticks, and ended by coating them all in Amazing Clear Cast resin. They have a beautiful shine to them and the resin really makes the color pop.


Click on the links below to see some more amazingly creative paint sticks!

More collaborations are to come, so stay tuned! 🙂

Studying the Mixed Media Masters

I believe as artists we are constantly pressuring ourselves to “define our style”, or at least I feel like I do. 🙂 I’ve recently come the the realization that many mixed media artists are a mash up of many different styles, the sum of all of the artists that we’ve admired that came before us. We take what we learn from those whose work we admire and attempt to put our own spin on it. Or we create using various techniques from different teachers gleaned from all of those online and onsite classes we have taken. I am boldly claiming that I am such an artist.

Although I still don’t feel like someone could automatically pick out my work, I feel like I could be taking steps to get there. I had the thought a while back that it would be fun to embark on a serious “Study the Masters” type experiment. This morning I realized that I’ve actually been doing this for several years, through tons of time spent taking online classes, in-person classes, YouTube video tutorials, and one big retreat earlier this year. I have learned so much, from a variety of Masters–all of whom are so talented and willing to share their knowledge. So let’s take a little tour, shall we? 🙂


I was first introduced to mixed media with Christy Tomlinson’s She Art workshop. As primarily a scrapbooker, I never knew anything such as mixed media existed. What a revelation!! I quickly lost interest in memory keeping (and tried to lose the guilty feelings for not documenting every moment of my 5 kids’ lives!) and jumped right into mixed media. Just after I started to burn out on making She Art girls, Christy released the She Had Three Hearts Art Journal course and I was hooked on art journaling. This has actually been the longest lasting obsession because I can combine so many art forms in one place. Anyway, here is a prime example of what I was creating at that time in my life:

Since I was a She Art groupie, I learned about LifeBook, hosted by the groovy Tamara Laporte! This chapter in my life was so rewarding. With LifeBook you get a ton of lessons for an entire year from a wide variety of teachers. I can honestly say I learned a lot in this class. Some of my favorite “Masters” in this class were Tam herself, Dion Dior, Dina Wakely, Shiloh Sofia McCloud, Mindy Lacefield, and several others. Here is a sample of some of my efforts from their lessons:






I’ve taken an in-person class from Donna Downey, as well as a few of her online courses. Her Metamorphis class has hands down been one of my favorites. It goes well beyond just putting paint on a canvas. I got to explore an entirely different way to actually create a substrate using materials I never would have thought of myself.

In California I got to learn from Marah Johnson and Cheryl Mezetti, both are super fun and creative! I learned how to use plaster from Cheryl, as well as beginning encaustic. Something which I’ve always wanted to try out. She made it so easy! The result were two beautiful journals. Some of my favorite places to create art on a small scale.

Then I had an itch to learn how to alter my art digitally, which led me to Traci Bautista’s Digital Canvas eCourse. I learned a lot about how to use apps in conjunction with my handmade art. Blending the two has been very rewarding, and even led to a feature in Art Journaling magazine earlier this year.

As mentioned in my last post I once again got to learn from Christy Tomlinson, but as a big super special bonus I got to have two days with Jane Davenport, who is now officially my woman crush 🙂 She is the coolest, nicest, person and a fantastic teacher. I went to the retreat for two reasons: 1. To meet Christy 2. To learn how to draw a face. Both goals were accomplished and I came home way more confident and willing to try something new. Here is some of my work from that experience:






There have been more courses along the way of course, Andrea Gomoll’s FACEnating Girls course, Alisa Burke’s Watercolor Bliss, and more classes from some of the previously mentioned artists. I’ve learned a lot from Finnabair’s YouTube channel as well:

I also have inspired by Cat Kerr’s mixed media assemblage pieces:

And a few mash up projects of my own that are some of my favorites, you will be seeing more on the blue painting soon, it was a special project :):


So just to sum things up, I think it’s important that we keep learning–keep trying new things. Eventually all that you learn will culminate in finding your own artistic voice. I always tell people I have art ADD. I bounce around between painting, sewing, assemblage, digital art, watercoloring, sketching…nothing is off limits. And you know, I’m okay with that 🙂
“I have art ADD-
Have a wonderful weekend!

Sharing my experience at Christy Tomlinson’s #SheMattersApril2015 art retreat

So…it’s been about two weeks since returning from Christy’s She Matters art retreat. This retreat has been on my bucket list for the last two years. I had such an great time meeting Christy and her family and taking a class with her. All of the other attendees were sweet, supportive, and so much fun! Her husband, Ben, is an amazing cook and Margie did these awesome tablescapes for every meal plus was just a riot to be around. And Jane Davenport….Jane was amazing y’all!! I spent two full days with her and learned so much. And now for pic sharing time!

This is the lovely outdoor area where we spent the first night getting to know each other:

Some scenes from inside and Margie’s gorgeous table settings:


Taking time to enjoy everyone’s work on Friday night after three full days of getting our art on:

Jane signed my copy of her book! (And this is seriously the best book I have ever bought on how to draw a face):

Me and the lovely Miss Jane:

And with the gal who started me on this whole mixed media journey, who is just as sweet in person as I knew she would be, Christy:


Having fun staying up late in the night creating with my sweet friend Lulu:

This was such a special time for me, and an experience that I will never forget: the food, the friends, the crazy kittens climbing up my legs, lunch at a local diner with fry sauce and chatting with Christy and Tia, my crazy art table buddies, Noah and his magic tricks, Santa’s Butt paint, Margie’s outspokenness, Ben and the cleaver, my awesome roommates, and did I mention the food….all moments that I will always treasure.

Next post I will share my work! Until then, hugs!! 😊


Pinewood Derby Car Make Over Blog Hop

Good morning and welcome to my blog and the Pinewood Derby Car Make Over Blog Hop!

A couple of months ago, my good friend Tina Walker got a group of ladies together to do a Pinewood Derby Car makeover. I was immediately on board!

I haven’t done a project like this in a while, but I was inspired to created something really girly and glamourous. The exact opposite of what you would expect a pinewood derby car to look like. So I went all out. This baby is covered in bright colors, ribbon, flowers, bling, and GLITTER (oh yes, I did!).






To view the other awesome pinewood derby car makeovers, be sure the follow along by clicking HERE

Mixed Media Vintage Fabric Book

Good afternoon! Today I am sharing a quick (heavy on the pictures) post on my latest project–a mixed media fabric prayer book featuring vintage and antique ephemera, lace, and papers.

It started when I was browsing Etsy in search of vintage fabric. Somehow I ended up finding these beautiful prayer cards from ThisOldCouch and immediately was inspired to create something with them.

This originally wasn’t intended to be a book. I was just playing around with some muslin and thinking I might make a banner or prayer flags, but after I finished several pieces they seemed to work together nicely as a pretty little book.

Here is the finished book, with some close ups. This was such a fun and meaningful project for me!














Catching Up!

Good morning everyone! It’s been a while…..

In personal news, things around here have been pretty busy! One of my daughters is on the high school dance team and competition season has kept us pretty busy. DSC_2108
State Champs!!

My favorite dancer!

In art news, I have been working on a few projects. I joined the Amazing Casting Products Creative Team and have produced a few pieces for them.

Upcycled art journal made from mail order catalog

Follow Your Heart mixed media canvas

(you can view the tutorial for the mixed media canvas HERE)

I created this art journal spread for an art journal swap with my good friend, Tina Walker.

I’ve also received word that I will have four of my digital art journal pages published in Stampington’s Art Journal magazine in April, I will keep you posted on when that hits the shelves! 🙂
In the meantime, I have a few other projects that I am working on including a brand new website!!! Hopefully that will be making it’s debut here pretty soon.

Have a beautiful day!!