Kindness In Action

Good morning everyone! Remember a few posts ago when I shared the Gelli print ATC’s I made for Kelly Rae Roberts’ Kindness Mission? Well I just wanted to quickly share some of the results of this project, and a few of the little stories behind each card left behind.

This card was left at the gas station on my son’s very first day of preschool. I was feeling a little emotional, but I knew that he was in a good place and that I very much need to learn to take time for a little self care and working on my dreams as opposed to the dreams of others. That was what I was thinking about when I left the card there.

This card was left at the ATM machine at my bank. I was thinking of my kids and hoping that they know how much I love them and how much they mean to me. My wish for whoever found this card was that they would take a moment to think about the fact that someone loves them as well.

This card has a very special meaning for me. One of my daughters has been struggling in school for a while now and we’ve recently made a decision to pursue some further testing for her. The card reads “You can do it” and I made it especially with her in mind. I slipped this into her Math binder before tutoring along with a special handwritten note just for her, as a reminder that I believe in her.

This card makes me happy when I think of that day. I had dropped off my daughter, who was doing community service with JROTC that morning, and just me and my little boy went to breakfast together. Our waitress was so kind and friendly. She spent some time just hanging around with us and chatting about life and kids. She seemed happy, but a little worn out. She was missing her grandchild and just playing and talking with my son seemed to cheer her up. I left her a nice tip and this card for her. I hope it continued to brighten her day a little bit 🙂

I’ve been carrying these cards around with me and dropping them off in other places too. I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to think that someone may find one and be uplifted. Spreading joy, even in such a small way, is good for the soul!


On a Kindness Mission-Creating Inspirational ATC’s on Gelli Prints


As I’m sure everyone in the world must know by now, I love Gelli printing. 🙂 Now that I have amassed so many prints, I’m trying to find creative ways to use them. Then I read a really inspirational blog post from Kelly Rae Roberts about her Kindness Mission. I was really moved by this mission to spread kindness in little ways to perfect strangers or those who may be in need of a kind word or uplifting thought. So with that in mind I pulled out my ever growing stack of Gelli prints and went to work.


First, I picked out several of my favorite prints. Then, I cut them down to ATC size. I had printed them all on Strathmore Mixed Media paper, which has a really nice weight to it. I discovered a whole unused box of SEI diecuts and found them to be perfect to use on the backgrounds. I attached them using matte medium.

I am a runner, and I find that when I run (about 3/4 of the way through the first mile) my mind becomes very clear. I was thinking about the Kindness Mission and what would be some good ideas to use to help bring a little comfort or joy into someone’s life. As I ran, I came up with a list in my head of several phrases. The next day I sat down with my favorite little letter stamp set and stamped all of the sentiments onto the cards. What was funny (as I look back), was that day was a particularly rough day for me. One of those days where absolutely nothing was going right. My daughter lost her cell phone that morning, another one got sick on her second day of kindergarten, my stamps were falling apart, movers that had been scheduled were 45 minutes late to a job, etc….So as I was working on these cards the messages became self directed. I really needed to hear a lot of what I was trying to say!






Today as I head out, these little lovelies will be shared with others. One was left on the treadmill at the club. Another at the gas pump, the bookstore, the grocery store…And hopefully they will be enjoyed and maybe even shared with others who may need a boost today! What kind thing will you do today? 🙂