Sustainable Souls-September & October

I’m a little behind once again on my posts for our year long Sustainable Souls project, but I wanted to share with you my journal spreads for September and October.

September’s theme was all about Fossil Fuels, how they are used and how they can be disruptive to the environment. Fossil energy sources, including oil, coal and natural gas, are non-renewable resources that formed when prehistoric plants and animals died and were gradually buried by layers of rock.


When I thought about fossil fuels, I immediately thought about those working in coal mines. Since my art tends toward a more vintage flair, I wanted to incorporate that into the theme. Here is my take on the month’s theme:


October’s theme was Deforestation and environmental degradation. Deforestation affects all of us. The forests produce vital oxygen and provide homes for people and wildlife. Many of the world’s most threatened and endangered animals live in forests, and 1.6 billion people rely on benefits forests offer, including food, fresh water, clothing, traditional medicine and shelter. My journal spread for this theme incorporates children, who will be affected by our actions today.


Thanks for stopping by. If you would like to learn more about our year long project, and see some more amazing art inspired by these themes visit

Published in Art Journaling Magazine-Summer 2017

Just wanted to share a quick hooray blog post! I had two more of my art journals featured in Stampington’s Art Journaling magazine this summer. Here is a sneak peek at my article and a few other tidbits throughout…
FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender (2)FullSizeRender (3)FullSizeRender (4)IMG_7496
Be sure to visit Barnes and Noble, Michaels, or to get your copy πŸ™‚

Sustainable Souls-June and July 2017

Hi everyone! I am doing a quick catch up post on my year long Sustainable Souls collaboration. June’s theme was “Carbon Footprint”.


A carbon footprint is defined as: The total amount of greenhouse gases produced to directly and indirectly support human activities, usually expressed in equivalent tons of carbon dioxide (CO2). My immediate thought when reading about this was of an old abandoned factory. Very smoggy, dirty, and polluted. I am documenting each monthly theme in a recycled journal that I made, and carrying out the themes using children and how our actions are impacting the future generations. This is the journal spread that I made to represent this particular theme:


July’s theme was a fun one for me! It was all about saving the bees.


Honey bees are very important, as they perform about 80 percent of all pollination worldwide. A single bee colony can pollinate 300 million flowers each day. How incredible! I wanted this journal spread to reflect the beauty as well as function of these hard little workers, so this is how I chose to express this theme:


Please check out my fellow artists and their interpretations of each monthly theme at

Starting From the Same Place Artist Collaboration


Hello everyone! It’s been a few minutes since I’ve blogged πŸ™‚ Today I am sharing with you another artist collaboration project that I recently completed. My good friend Tina Walker hosted this incredible challenge for over 60 artists from all over. The goal was to create a piece of art with everyone using the same materials.

After seeing all of the goodies provided by Amazing Casting Products, Beacon Adhesives, and Stencil Girl, I was inspired to create a mini book. 14481857_10209122052041092_834730878472343730_o

These are the materials that we were given to work with, with a few variations.

And this is my mini:










You can visit these other sites to see what the other artists have created. There are so many amazing projects, and I love to see how differently everyone used the same materials!

Around the World with 80 Artists!


I wanted to share with you all that I will have an altered art piece published in the upcoming eBook: Around the World with 80 Artists! I will be joining 79 other artists from all over the globe, sharing a wide variety of art projects. For more information please check out our page. You can sign up for a FREE copy of this book at launch on Amazon on April 15th 2016 to celebrate World Creativity Week. Also, 20% of the proceeds from this project will go to The Malala Fund to help girls gain an education.
So make sure to visit the Creative Art Academy to sign up and get a preview of some amazing art!

Here is a sneak peek of my project:

I hope you all will check out my project, as well as the many others included. Full tutorials and color photos will be presented in eBook format, as well as printable format.

Thanks for stopping by!

For the Love of Mixed Media Blog Hop


Hello everyone! Welcome to our first “For the Love of Mixed Media” Blog Hop. I’m so glad you’re here πŸ™‚

Our theme for this hop is hearts. I decided to alter a paper mache heart. I had some lovely “Downton Abbey” tissue paper that I’ve been hoarding, and I used it to cover the heart completely. I added some fabric trim from my stash, and a broken Charlotte doll that I molded with Amazing Mold Putty and casted with Amazing Casting Resin. I also had some doily pieces that I cut into little wings and added behind my molded piece.

And here is my ornament!





For more heart inspired projects, please visit my fellow artist’s blogs:
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Mixed Media Projects Galore!

Hi everyone! Life’s been busy yet again (what’s new, right?!) but I wanted to quickly catch you up on some of my recent projects. Full tutorials can be found on the Amazing Casting Products blog.

These are some that I’ve done recently for Amazing Casting Products

Mixed Media Dream Catcher using vintage scarves, lace, dyes, and charms.

Mixed Media resin painting using Alumilite dyes and Alumidust on vintage book paper






Hand painted mixed media plates! (one of my most favorite projects to date!)

Wine cork serving tray

FullSizeRender (3)

Decorative paper clips and art journaling techniques using Amazing Mold Putty and Alumidust

In addition to my creative team projects, I’ve also been doing quite a bit of work in my journaling Bible.




I've have worked on several large scale paintings. Here are two of them:


And finally, I’ve been getting back into my photography. I’m currently taking Galia Alena’s Camera Craft Classes (Into the Light, and The Art of Seeing) which I highly recommend. Here are a few samples of some of my work:






Thanks for stopping by!!

Altered Paper Mache Animal Collaboration

Hi everyone!! I was so excited to participate in another fun collaboration with a bunch of my fellow Facebook mixed media artist friends. This time, we all altered paper mache animals!


My original intention was to create my animal from scratch; however, time got away from me (as it normally does this time of year) and I ended up ordering a pre-made animal instead. I opted for the always cool camel.

I love using bright and bold colors in my art, so I couldn’t wait to give my camel a glamorous makeover πŸ™‚ I started out by covering the whole body with a few layers of paper napkins from World Market and Mod Podge.

Then, I glued on some colorful bling and put a layer of gold glitter paint all over. I also painted the saddle in bright colors. Finally, I added a nice thick layer of Amazing Clear Cast Resin over the entire body. I love how the resin turned the matte look of the paper into a glossy finish! It really made the colors pop and the glitter shine πŸ™‚


I couldn’t stop with just my camel though…she needed a home! So I repurposed a box and turned it into a fun little desert getaway. Yes, my camel is glamping! You can find more details on this part of the project HERE.


Follow our hop to see more fun altered paper mache products!

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Mixed Media Paint Stick Swap

Mixed Media
Good morning everyone! I recently participated in another fun art swap with some of my artsy Facebook friends. You may remember a few months ago our Pinewood Derby Car Makeover project, well our next collaboration was to makeover paint sticks. You know, the free paint sticks you can grab at the paint counter at Lowe’s or Home Depot? This was such a fun and easy project, and the possibilities are endless for what you can do with these.

I loved these so much that I shared them as an inspiration post over at Amazing Casting Products! I used several of the Alumidust colors to paint in the stamping that I did on the sticks, and ended by coating them all in Amazing Clear Cast resin. They have a beautiful shine to them and the resin really makes the color pop.


Click on the links below to see some more amazingly creative paint sticks!

More collaborations are to come, so stay tuned! πŸ™‚

Studying the Mixed Media Masters

I believe as artists we are constantly pressuring ourselves to “define our style”, or at least I feel like I do. πŸ™‚ I’ve recently come the the realization that many mixed media artists are a mash up of many different styles, the sum of all of the artists that we’ve admired that came before us. We take what we learn from those whose work we admire and attempt to put our own spin on it. Or we create using various techniques from different teachers gleaned from all of those online and onsite classes we have taken. I am boldly claiming that I am such an artist.

Although I still don’t feel like someone could automatically pick out my work, I feel like I could be taking steps to get there. I had the thought a while back that it would be fun to embark on a serious “Study the Masters” type experiment. This morning I realized that I’ve actually been doing this for several years, through tons of time spent taking online classes, in-person classes, YouTube video tutorials, and one big retreat earlier this year. I have learned so much, from a variety of Masters–all of whom are so talented and willing to share their knowledge. So let’s take a little tour, shall we? πŸ™‚


I was first introduced to mixed media with Christy Tomlinson’s She Art workshop. As primarily a scrapbooker, I never knew anything such as mixed media existed. What a revelation!! I quickly lost interest in memory keeping (and tried to lose the guilty feelings for not documenting every moment of my 5 kids’ lives!) and jumped right into mixed media. Just after I started to burn out on making She Art girls, Christy released the She Had Three Hearts Art Journal course and I was hooked on art journaling. This has actually been the longest lasting obsession because I can combine so many art forms in one place. Anyway, here is a prime example of what I was creating at that time in my life:

Since I was a She Art groupie, I learned about LifeBook, hosted by the groovy Tamara Laporte! This chapter in my life was so rewarding. With LifeBook you get a ton of lessons for an entire year from a wide variety of teachers. I can honestly say I learned a lot in this class. Some of my favorite “Masters” in this class were Tam herself, Dion Dior, Dina Wakely, Shiloh Sofia McCloud, Mindy Lacefield, and several others. Here is a sample of some of my efforts from their lessons:






I’ve taken an in-person class from Donna Downey, as well as a few of her online courses. Her Metamorphis class has hands down been one of my favorites. It goes well beyond just putting paint on a canvas. I got to explore an entirely different way to actually create a substrate using materials I never would have thought of myself.

In California I got to learn from Marah Johnson and Cheryl Mezetti, both are super fun and creative! I learned how to use plaster from Cheryl, as well as beginning encaustic. Something which I’ve always wanted to try out. She made it so easy! The result were two beautiful journals. Some of my favorite places to create art on a small scale.

Then I had an itch to learn how to alter my art digitally, which led me to Traci Bautista’s Digital Canvas eCourse. I learned a lot about how to use apps in conjunction with my handmade art. Blending the two has been very rewarding, and even led to a feature in Art Journaling magazine earlier this year.

As mentioned in my last post I once again got to learn from Christy Tomlinson, but as a big super special bonus I got to have two days with Jane Davenport, who is now officially my woman crush πŸ™‚ She is the coolest, nicest, person and a fantastic teacher. I went to the retreat for two reasons: 1. To meet Christy 2. To learn how to draw a face. Both goals were accomplished and I came home way more confident and willing to try something new. Here is some of my work from that experience:






There have been more courses along the way of course, Andrea Gomoll’s FACEnating Girls course, Alisa Burke’s Watercolor Bliss, and more classes from some of the previously mentioned artists. I’ve learned a lot from Finnabair’s YouTube channel as well:

I also have inspired by Cat Kerr’s mixed media assemblage pieces:

And a few mash up projects of my own that are some of my favorites, you will be seeing more on the blue painting soon, it was a special project :):


So just to sum things up, I think it’s important that we keep learning–keep trying new things. Eventually all that you learn will culminate in finding your own artistic voice. I always tell people I have art ADD. I bounce around between painting, sewing, assemblage, digital art, watercoloring, sketching…nothing is off limits. And you know, I’m okay with that πŸ™‚
β€œI have art ADD-
Have a wonderful weekend!