Cozy Up With This Day of the Dead Pillow!–Using the October Frog Dog Studio Limited Edition Kit

Good day, friends! I wanted to share with you another idea on how to use some of the materials from the October Limited Edition kit. I have to tell ya’ll that I have had a blast creating with this kit 🙂 Now I’m not much of a seamstress, or sewing person, or whatever you would call that, but every once in a while I get the strong urge to sew something. So I thought it would be fun to create a pillow using the super cool Day of the Dead stencil from the kit.

The first thing I did was cut down a piece of muslin, and using my beloved Gelli plate (from last month’s kit) I went to work monoprinting a background design. I don’t like “scary” Halloween type of stuff so I thought it would be neat to make this sort of girly and colorful. I used bright colors like Quinacrodone Magenta and other shades of pink, as well as a variety of stencils and Catalyst tools. When I was finished printing the muslin looked like this.

It’s important for me to say here that I just used regular acrylic paint on the muslin. I later learned about GAC 900, which when mixed with acrylic paints and heat set makes it very easy to work with on fabric, as well as makes it washable. (Thanks, Martha for the helpful tips!) So this pillow is only for decoration.
When the fabric was all dry, I laid down the stencil on the fabric and traced the design with a white fabric pen. However, I quickly realized that the pen wasn’t standing out enough on the design so I had to head back to the drawing board on that one!

So after digging around in my stash (and not finding any other colored fabric pens) I decided to stencil the design on instead using black paint. So I grabbed one of the dabbers from the kit and some paint and went to work. I was liking where this was going….

Now to really get to work! I wanted this to have a special touch, so I decided to hand embroider some of the details using colorful threads. I did find this very relaxing and was able to work on it while hanging out with the kids one evening. I really need to get a thimble or something….

Everything was all embroidered and it was time for another crazy trip to Hobby Lobby to find some coordinating fabric. Have I mentioned how unpleasant it is taking a 2 year old and 5 year old fabric shopping? LOL Anyway, I found this really cute fabric.

I won’t share with you the epic disaster pics of me sewing the wrong fabric sides together (it’s hard to focus when your kids are climbing all over you and pulling on the fabric you’re trying to sew!–note to self: wait until bedtime before attempting another sewing project!) Here is a pic of the pieces sewn together CORRECTLY! Once that was accomplished I stuffed it with Polyester Fiberfill and hand stitched the opening closed.

And the finished product!

Halloween is near, do you have any projects planned? I’d love to hear about them! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

The Witching Hour-Mixed Media Art using the Limited Edition Frog Dog Studio Kit

This tutorial, as well as materials used in this project can also be found on the Frog Dog Studio Blog and Frog Dog Studio Shop.

Welcome, friends!! Today I have another spooky project for you using the October Limited Edition Kit. For this project I used the 5 x 7 canvas board, ephemera, Lindy’s sprays and Magicals, and the Dylusions stamps. Let’s get started!

To begin, I laid down a background of the Lindy’s Magicals combined with the spray ink. I also worked in a bit of the Viva Decor Glitter paste because I just can’t get enough of that stuff!

I wanted to create a quirky, funky little Halloween house so I de-constructed the viewfinder and it’s envelope. I cut the envelope into a house shape, and the stamp sheet into a roof. I cut up the viewfinder and tried to use the little negatives as windows, but they wouldn’t stick so I ended up using the frames they were housed in instead. I also cut the club off of the playing card and stuck it on top like a weather vane. Then, I used one of the Dylusions border stamps to create a little eave to attach under the roof. I also attached one of the bingo pieces on the front door.

At this point I thought the bingo piece didn’t really fit in too much so I painted it with the Lindy’s. I also added some rub ons and stamping to the piece, as well as an older Tim Holtz sticker that I had in my stash.

This piece sat for a couple of weeks like it is. I wasn’t totally happy with it, but couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I just knew that it felt “off” somehow. So I gave it some thought. In the meantime I added some white Magicals because I thought I would be adding something else to it and wanted to lighten up the background a little bit.

In the end I ended up removing the Spooky sticker and the bingo piece. I then downloaded some free vintage clip art and added that instead. I found the cute sentiment and added that as well. While browsing around at Hobby Lobby I found the perfect frame (which happened to be 50% off!) and once I made those changes I was a lot happier with the piece overall. I think that this is why I struggle with making videos. I change so many things around and go back and forth and let things sit for so long while I mull them over!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you do when you get stuck on a piece that doesn’t feel right. Any suggestions on how you push through a creative block? Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Creating with the October Frog Dog Studio Limited Edition Kit

This tutorial, as well as materials used in this project can also be found on the Frog Dog Studio Blog and Frog Dog Studio Shop.

Good morning, Melissa here with this month’s texture tip and project using the super fun October Limited Edition Kit. When I first saw the kit goodies, I was really excited. I love making Halloween projects!! One of my favorite things in this kit is the Day of the Dead stencil. Living in San Antonio you see a lot of this type of artwork and I always enjoy it’s different interpretations. For this project I used a majority of the kit supplies including the stencil, the 9 x 12 canvas board, Lindy’s Magicals, Dylusions stamps, Tim Holtz rub ons, and ephemera.

I started by collaging some of the book paper onto the canvas board and covering it with the orange Magicals. I also went around the edges of the board with the purple Magicals. Then I added the borders with the Dylusions stamps and black Stayz On ink.

In the next step, I used the stencil to create a mask. I laid the stencil down on white paper and traced around the edge, then cut the image out and laid it down on the canvas board and traced around it with a white gel pen. I did this so that I could paint the entire skull white, then use the stencil on top of it later.

I painted the skull area with the white Magicals, then laid down the stencil and loosely painted in the details with the purple. I also added the green Magicals to the Dylusion stamp border.

I added some detail and texture here by mixing up the orange Magicals with some Viva Glitter paste. I also used a white gel pen to outline some of the areas.

I wanted the piece to have some more dimension, so I added some shading using Distress Ink and a gray Copic marker (which by the way is my go-to for subtle shading–it works really great!)

At this point, I realized the piece felt a bit off so I decided to paint the eyes with the black Magicals. I also mixed up some of the Viva Glitter paste and added it in because really, who doesn’t like a blinged out skull? 🙂 This is also where more texture comes into play. I used a silver Viva Decor Pearl Pen to add these tiny little raised detail dots all around the features of the skull.

For the last step, I added the Tim Holtz rubons all over the edges of the piece. I love how rubons add texture and interest to the background.

And here is the finished product:

And a few close ups:

Thanks for stopping by!