Moms Never Get a Day Off…

But I took one today!! I have been sick all week and today was the first day I felt like a human being again. To celebrate, I took all the kids to school then came home and created for 3 solid hours. I had the house completely to myself, so I cranked up the Pandora, drug out all of my supplies from their various hiding places, and went to work!

The first thing I did was some catching up on my LifeBook pages. I am really far behind, but determined to complete most of the lessons before the end of the year so I can be prepared for LifeBook 2014 (registration just opened up this week!).

Here is my project from Week 30-a lesson from Dina Wakley. This was a quick and easy journal page to put together. I used some old book paper, a gelli print, some stencils, Dylusions ink in white and fuchsia, and Cobalt blue acrylic paint.


The next page I did was also a quickie. It’s from Week 41 of LifeBook. I was going to use a gelli print from my stash, but since I had the time I figured I’d just make a new one :). I like the way the colors worked together on this simple, but pretty page.


Well that is all I have to share for now. I hope to get at least three more lessons caught up over the weekend, but we will have to see how that goes 🙂

Have a great weekend, thanks for stopping by!


Having Some Fun in my Art Journal

I’ve been sneaking a few moments here and there in my art journal. It’s such a great feeling to just be able to work on a background or do a little bit of doodling. Eventually I will finish an entire journal! Right now I have about 3 books that I work in plus loose papers that will get bound together for LifeBook when that is done. 

So here are a few spreads that have been many months in the making. I find myself going back and adding things or redoing things all of the time, it seems I can never leave well enough alone! 

Right now I am having a serious love affair with washi tape in my journals. It adds just the right amount of color and pattern in the background. I love the fact that it is sort of transparent, so it doesn’t take away from your background, but rather helps to enhance it. I’ve also taken a tip from Donna Downey and started trying to use up some of those old letter stickers from Scrapbooking that I have in my stash. It’s been fun mixing and matching whatever I have on hand.

Take care of yourselves and have a fabulous weekend!