Happy Accidents

I hadn’t planned on working in my art journal today. In fact, I was tied up all morning with a scrapbooking project, but after I knocked that out I found a chipboard sign I had bought last week at Hobby Lobby for $4. My plan was to paint it really cute and put it in the little bare spot on the wall of my laundry room. I am horrible about hoarding paper, so I reached into my pile of scraps for a large sheet of the paper they use to wrap up your breakables at Hobby Lobby (by the way that paper makes a fantastic paint tray! Great for blending and squirting paint all over it, then just roll it up and trash it when you’re done!). I got out a few of my new Dylusions spray mists and went to work on the sign. When it was done, I actually thought the paper beneath it looked better than the sign did! So what did I do? Tear it into a size that would fit into my art journal, then I went to work on the page. This page probably took me about 10 minutes to do. And it felt great to get something done in my journal, especially since I hadn’t planned on it. If only every page came together so easily!!

5 thoughts on “Happy Accidents

  1. I really love this Melissa!! The masking looks awesome and I love the big letters! And I like those kind of “accidents”…they make creating so much more fun!! 🙂


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